Detailing Capabilities

“Detailing is the cornerstone of high-quality steel fabrication.”
Chuck Clark, President & Founder

What does it take to deliver the highest level of detailed drawings to the manufacturing process? It takes just three things:

  1. Experience
  2. Technology
  3. An Obsession for Excellence


With over 150 years of detailing experience, our in-house detailing staff has the skill and knowledge to tackle all of the structural needs of our clients. Our Project Teams are intricately involved in the fabrication process from bidding to final construction. By being involving throughout the construction process we can provide our clients with a multiple tier depth of project management. Insuring that their project is done right and right on time.


At Able Steel we have invested in the best software that the industry has to offer. Design Data’s SDS/2 is the software we use to give us the best detailing product for our clients. This software allows us to work in a full 3D environment, which in many cases allows us to see challenges in the 3D model long before they become field issues. This technology also allows us to address problems and design flaws before any steel is manufactured, thus saving time and money for all parties.

Along with the quality drawings that it produces, we also have integration with our shop equipment. SDS2 gives CNC and DXF files to the angle line, drill line, and coper line, and the high definition burn table to further enhance our fabrication capabilities. And all of this information can be communicated efficiently and securely through our FTP technology site to insure that the information that is needed can be quickly dispersed to keep your project moving forward.


An Obsession for Excellence

At Able Steel we have achieved the “Standard for Steel Building Structures” certification from the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). These stringent set of standards have to be met every year during our annual recertification process. We don’t just talk about quality we redefine it … every year.

To all Contractors & Subcontractors who wish to link to our FTP site contact Rick Webb.

Ph: (480) 830-2253 or e-mail: [email protected]