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We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, genetic
information or any other status protected by law or regulation.

It is our intention that all qualified applicants be given equal opportunity and that selection decisions are based on job-related factors.

Answer each question fully and accurately. No action can be taken on this application until you have answered all questions. Use blank paper if you do not have enough room on this application. PLEASE PRINT, except for signature on back of application. In reading and answering the following questions, be aware that none of the questions are intended to imply illegal preferences or discrimination based upon non-job-related information.

Able Steel Fabricators, Inc. is committed to a safe, healthy, and productive work environment for all employees free from the effects of substance abuse. Abuse of alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances.  Pre-Employment Testing: All persons seeking employment with Able Steel shall undergo post-offer, preemployment drug testing. As a condition of employment Applicants must pass a drug screening test.

Applicants who test positive will be notified that they have not met the standards for employment and will be informed they can have the confirmed positive test re-tested by a government certified lab selected by the applicant.

Able Steel will refuse to hire an Arizona medical marijuana registered cardholder if the job position you are applying or hired for is specifically classified as a Safety-Sensitive position. Please reference section I for job classifications.



Are You Seeking?

General Office Staff / Detailing | What Position are you applying for
Shop/Yard: All Positions in this section are Classified as Safety-Sensitive | What Position are you applying for






Are you 18 Years of Age or Older?

If hired, you will be required to furnish proof of your eligibility to work in the U.S

Have you ever applied here before?

Were you ever employed here?

Are you currently employed?
May We Contact?
Have you ever been fired from a job or asked to resign?

Have you ever been convicted of any law violation? (Include any plea of “guilty” or “no contest.” Exclude minor traffic violations.) .

If employed, do you expect to be engaged in any additional business or employment outside of our job?


Special Skills

For Driving Jobs Only: Do you have a valid driver’s license?

Have you had your driver’s license suspended or revoked in the last 3 years?


List names of employers in consecutive order with present or last employer listed first. Account for all periods of time including military service and any periods of unemployment. If self-employed, give firm name and supply business references.

Note: A job offer may be contingent upon acceptable references from current and former

Employee History


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